Feldenkrais - SFHSS

Location: Wellness Center, 1145 Market Street, Suite 100, 1st Floor 

Feldenkrais uses ingenious, gentle movements to promote efficient use of the whole self. These classes have helped people who have limited mobility, repetitive stress injuries, and chronic pain. Come and explore these gentle movements to help with your well-being.

Participants eligible to participate in this class include: Employees and retirees of CCSF, CCD, USD, CRT, and all SFHSS members.

  • Exercise equipment is provided for this class.
  • There is no cost for this class. 
  • No advance registration required.
  • For more information contact wellness@sfgov.org
  • View upcoming class cancellations

Note: Participate at your own risk. We encourage all attendees to be mindful of their physical limitations and safety during the class. Please consult with your doctor if you have questions about which type of exercise is best for you.